Recipe 4: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Maybe one day I will have the courage to make baking my day job, but for the time being I am pursuing a master’s degree in school counseling.  Before moving to Nashville I was a middle school science teacher.  My two years in the classroom made me realize the immense need for more attention to social and emotional learning in schools.  So here I am learning skills, constantly advocating for my students back in Dallas, and baking when times get stressful.  Part of this process means taking some weekend classes.  Fortunately for me, my professor suggested a Valentine’s Day cookie swap for our Saturday class.  Obviously she understands the need for self care….chocolate and peanut butter (don’t worry Mom, I’m training for a half marathon too)!

The cookie swap was a perfect excuse to try another recipe off the list.  And this one,, was the chosen one.

They were crowd pleasers y’all!  However, this recipe wasn’t one of my favorites.  My biased opinion is that the actual cookie was a little boring in comparison to the steering wheel.  I was glad that the cookies stayed soft (little hint:  I always bake them for 2-4 minutes less than the recipe calls and then adjust accordingly). There was nothing wrong with these cookies, and I was definitely the harshest critic.

So, let’s bake!

1.  Add the dry ingredients (cocoa, flour, salt, and baking soda)


2.  In an electric mixer (thanks to my brother and sister for the greatest gift of a kitchen aid!) mix butter, peanut butter, and sugars.


3.  Add in the egg, milk, and vanilla.  Blend until light and fluffy.


4.  Slowly and carefully blend in the already mixed dry ingredients.
5.  Gently fold in the cut up Reese’s to the dough.


6.  Form the cookies and place on your baking sheet.  I use silpats (they are wonderful, go out and get yourself one!) Push reserved cut Reese’s into the top before putting in the oven.


The finished product

Enjoy and share.  I promise, everything tastes better in the company of people you love!


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