How My Baking Obsession Started


The family cookie–on the Bubster’s old cookie tray!

I don’t know which came first:  my ability to walk or my love for chocolate.  Probably my love for chocolate.  As far as my memory allows me to trace back, there has been one dessert, one cookie, that has bonded my family:   the beloved steering wheel.  Yes, a steering wheel is a cookie.  Long story short, my aunt made large chocolate cookies when my brother was a toddler.  Being his analytical self, he claimed “these cookies are HUGE.  They look like steering wheels.”  And the name has stuck.

Needless to say, these are a staple amongst my family.  My friends know exactly where to find them in our freezer, and some friends were lucky enough to get packages in college with their very own bag of steering wheels courtesy of Mama Schu.  It was also my first ever solo recipe.  Not sure which is more impressive:  me making a cookie by myself or me getting some kitchen time.  It was competitive to get your hands on our ovens with my sister at home!  Steering wheels are still the family trademark cookie and go to.  It only felt right to kick start this new adventure of trying 99 new adventures with a little homage to the steering wheel.

And don’t fret–steering wheels have chocolate AND peanut butter (chips).



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